Three Sprites and a Soul

In Light there is Hope

My Pregnancy: Second Half

on August 24, 2013

Despite the relief that the hemorrhage in my womb has subsided,  my spirit was dampened by the cancellation of my flight to Belgium. My hubby/beau made several effort to console me via Skype: reason, games and funny jokes to no avail. My heart was set on the journey that month of July (2012). I really wanted to meet my beau’s parents before we take the next leap in to our relationship. To comfort myself, I turned to binging on sweets like Milo, Chocolates, Ice Cream and Skittles. Luckily I have a strong sense of self-restraint. I counted my sweets and made sure that it’s only one week per month that I would binge on confections. I was aware and utterly frightened of gestational diabetes and took care to cancel the probability of such an ailment during pregnancy.

I even made sure I would only drink one cup/can of coffee/coke twice a month after the 4th month of pregnancy. Before that, I miraculously managed to avoid caffeine.  I would still pat my back for such an accomplishment. As a lover of coffee, it was very difficult to avoid drinking the beverage. If I drank coffee, I would not drink coke. And so I went through pregnancy with a keen observation of my diet.

Even now I still continue the practice since I breastfeed. Breastfeeding is wonderful, by the way. It’s the most calming interaction between mother and child, but I shall indulge you with more detail about it in another entry.

Fortunately, by November my obstetrician gave me permission to travel to Japan to renew my entry permit into the country. Although I only stayed for a week, it was the most fun and productive week I have had in the last five months since pregnancy. I met several of my friends, went shopping and did some more food fests– enjoying the cold  rainy autumn days of Tokyo.

It was during this month, too that my beau was scheduled to come a day before the expected due date of my baby: February 25. It was overall, a great month and my spirit lightened up again. I started making a picture album that records my relationship with my beau up till after our son is born. I still haven’t completed that album! Shame on me! But it has taken me quite awhile to settle and get used to having a baby. 5 months is quite nice, in fact.

December came and went, like a few unexciting pages of a book on the grass, flapping in the breath of the winter wind.  Aside from well wishers and people who complimented the Pregnancy Glow on my face, nothing happened worth mentioning during Christmas. It was often this way for Christmas, here . . . very quiet and calm. No fireworks. I missed the Christmas of 2011 when my beau first arrived to meet us. He lighted the fireworks and poked the child-like thrill out of my adult body as I danced in the street, along with my little sister. It was a great Christmas and a lovely New Year’s Eve. One I haven’t had in many years.

As the month of the due date approaches, I thought of preparing for my baby’s arrival. However, unlike most new and expectant moms, I didn’t go on a shopping spree. I only bought what I found most useful and essential. Besides, since I planned on Co-Sleeping with my baby, buying a crib never crossed my mind. Co-sleeping would make breastfeeding easy at night and it does!

I had no initial fear of co-sleeping with my child. I was quite confident that I can do it because of the many times I was asked to hold onto pots of plants at the back seat for 2 hours and in those hours, I was sleeping!!! Imagine, holding a pot of plants asleep in a car without letting go? Can you do that? I sure can!!

It was funny how I subconsciously woke up in the middle of the night and caught my beau just in time before he squashed our newborn sleeping between us! Call it a Mother’s Instinct. I guess it’s strong in me [Proudly Grins].  He bought a baby bassinet the following day to prevent himself from doing it again. It was a nice gesture.


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