Three Sprites and a Soul

In Light there is Hope

My Pregnancy: First Half

on August 24, 2013

I was ecstatic when my pregnancy test came out positive. I wanted to tell everyone and I didn’t hesitate to show it as proof. I immediately quit working at the pharmacy, fearing exposure to sick customers buying medicines might pass unwanted illness to me and the life growing in my womb.

Everything seemed to be going perfectly well: eating lots of organic vegetables, well cooked meat; avoiding harmful fish and shellfish and eating little of those permitted. Avoiding cow’s milk by drinking coconut milk and juice; exercising as much as I could — I was doing all that is possible to ensure my baby will grow healthy. Even my doctor was enthralled at my enthusiasm on my first appointment and ultrasound. During that first month, I was also preparing for my flight to Antwerp, Belgium hoping to meet my baby’s father and his family before giving birth. The tickets and visas were all ready as well as my luggage.

On my second ultrasound appointment however, the sonographer alarmed of a hemorrhage developing right above the amniotic sac, containing my developing fetus. My heart skipped and my mind raced. I couldn’t think of anything that could have caused it. My obstetrician tried to reassure me that some things are inevitable. She strictly forbade me to fly to Belgium until three months after complete bed rest: no exercising at all. The flight was cancelled and the ticket reimbursed.

I was heartbroken as much as I was deeply concerned about my growing fetus. Night and day I prayed that the bleeding would stop. I walked as slowly as I could to the bathroom. I could not leave the house and it depressed me. I prayed and prayed even though I half doubted the existence of a God saying,

“God if you truly exist, let this child be born healthy. Let it grow into a man You wish him to be. Do not let me lose him . . . ”

It was only the eighth week and I already knew it was going to be a boy. I even dreamed of him being a tall young man towering over myself and my hubby. He was beaming proudly as any young man could. It was one of the most endearing dreams I have ever had.

Three months later, God proved to me that He truly exist. The internal bleeding have ceased. Secretly I vowed loyalty to that God who have granted me my first wish, adding that I will continue my loyalty should my son live on to become a great man in the future. I dreamed of my son being a strapping young lad two more times before the Sonographer announced that it was a boy. I smiled, knowingly with the thought of giving birth to one of the best humans earth can ever behold.

That was 10 months ago. My son is now a bumbling joy with full rounded cheeks and an appetite of a one year old, although he is still only 5 months. I am very very proud of my little tiger and I will always do everything I can to ensure his health, wealth and spirituality are fairly well conditioned.


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